Visiting Students - Information for staff

Information for staff regarding visiting undergraduate or postgraduate students wishing to undertake a research project within CDBS.

When contacted by a student wishing to visit CDBS to undertake research (either undergraduate or postgraduate), there are several University requirements to be observed:

  • The student MUST complete the appropriate application form (either undergraduate or postgraduate) accessed here:  Then return it to the PI host (unless the visit is for less than two weeks). 
  • All the requested documentation (references, english certificate etc) must be included before the application form is sent to the Postgraduate Administrator ( and the form must be signed by the host PI.
  • This should be done well before the visit is to start so that the visitor can be sent an unconditional offer from the University before they start. This is particularly important for those who require visas.
    Until this is done, the visitor will not be covered by University liability insurance and will not have access to IT etc.
  • Note that a postgraguate student visiting for between 12 weeks and a year will be liable for a flat rate tuition fee of £810 - please ensure that it is clearly stated on the form who will be paying this.
  • ERASMUS+ funded visits should last at most 12 weeks - if an ERASMUS+ trainee's visit lasts longer than 12 weeks the £810 fee will be levied and it must be paid by the PI/Centre (it is not permitted for the student to pay this, even they wish to do so).
  • For information regarding undergratuate student fees, please click here: 

Further information on visiting CMVM students can be found here.