Associate Members

Profiles of associate members and members based at other sites within the University.

Name Position
Armstrong, Douglas Professor of Systems Neurobiology (Edinburgh Centre for Bioinformatics)
Brophy, Peter Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences)
Dewar, Michaela Research Leader and Assistant Professor ( School of Social Sciences, Psychology -  Heriot Watt University)
Goddard, Nigel Reader (Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation)
Hardt, Oliver Chancellor’s Fellow (The Patrick Wild Centre)
Heck, Margarete Professor of Cell Biology and Genetics (Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences)
Holmes, Megan Professor of Molecular Neuroendocrinology (Centre for Cardiovascular Sciences)
Meddle, Simone Reader (The Roslin Institute and R(D)SVS)
Meehan, Richard Programme Leader (MRC Human Genetics Unit)
Moser, Edvard Founding Director of the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience & Co-Director of Centre for Neural Computation - NTNU)
Munoz, Monica Associate Professor (Life Sciences Human Life Sciences - UCLM )
Mullins, John Professor of Molecular Physiology (Centre for Cardiovascular Science)
Pennings, Sari Senior Lecturer (Centre for Cardiovascular Science)
Porteous, David Porteous, David - Professor of Genetics, Director
Read, Nick Professor of Fungal Cell Biology (Institute of molecular plant sciences)
Ritchie, Craig Chair of the Psychiatry of Ageing and Director of the Centre for Dementia Prevention (Centre for Clinical Brain Sciences)
Seckl, Jonathan Professor of Molecular Medicine and Vice-Principal Planning, Resources and Research Policy.
Takeuchi, Tomonori Associate Professor (Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies - Aarhus University)
Telfer, Evelyn Senior Lecturer (Senior Lecturer, Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology)
van Rossum, Mark Lecturer (School of Informatics - University of Nottingham)
Webb, Barbara Professor (Institute for Perception, Action and Behaviour)
Willshaw, David Director (Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation)
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