Dr Rachel James of Gillingwater Lab features in Nature article

The article tells Rachel's story of returning to Academia on a part-time fellowship after leaving it when her children were young.

Rachel James returned to academia once all three of her children had reached school age

Dr Rachel James of CDBS this month has a feature article on her story of coming back into academia after her children had reached School age:


Read Rachel's full story here:

'How a part-time fellowship enticed a scientist back to academia'.

nature:  career column,  article,  11 January 2022

Deciding to have children meant I had to become agile in dealing with the balance between family life and a career in science. Sixteen years later, I’m back in academia, and maintaining that balance has taught me a lot about myself and my attitudes to work.

I had the first of my three children towards the end of my first postdoctoral position, in 2005. After a year of maternity leave, I returned to complete this postdoc in 2006, choosing to work part-time.

I then secured a contract for a second postdoc in a different laboratory, also part-time, and despite another ten months of maternity leave after the arrival of my second child in 2008, I was able to keep up my research and eventually published this work. But with two small children at home and a partner who worked away during the week, I couldn’t maintain any of the extra activities that are needed for an academic career: attending seminars, conferences and social events; undertaking professional development or CV-boosting activities; collaborating with other researchers and developing research ideas....