Technical Staff

Our Core and Specific Lab Technical staff

Name Position Email
Couttie, Alistair Stores Assistant
Dinse-Harrower, Andrew Stores Manager   
Goan, Stephen Technical Assistant (HRB + 1 GS) 

Griffiths, James  Centre Manager (HRB + 1 GS)  
Kubasik-Thayil, Anisha Confocal Resource Manager  
Molinek, Michael Laboratory Manager 
Patrizio, Mark Laboratory Manager  
Spooner, Patrick Computing and Electronics Manager, 1 GS
Steel, Gavin Senior Technical Officer, Chancellor's Bld
Tulloch, Jane Lab Manager, 1 GS
Turnbull, Lorna Senior Technical Officer, 1 GS
Vinko, Krisztina Technical Officer (HRB + 1 GS)


Name Position Group
Allison, Vivian Senior Technical Officer Theil, Thomas/ SBMS  
Dunn, Louise Senior Technical Officer Theil, Thomas /SBMS  
Howe, Katherine Technical Officer Pratt, Tom  
Kozic,  Zrinko Research Assistant Price, David
Leah, Tom

Research Technician

Jing Qiu
Liu, Weijia Research Associate Davies, Jamie  
Marcu, Daniel Research Assistant/Technician Nolan, Matt  
McClafferty, Heather Research Associate Shipston, Mike  
Dunsmore, Lynsey Lab Animal Manager Hardingham, Giles & Kind, Peter
Smith, Joanna Research Assistant Kind, Peter