Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour

The Research Theme is studying the cellular and circuit mechanisms underpinning nervous system functions.

Neurons are the fundamental building blocks of the nervous system and unravelling the mechanisms that regulate neuronal excitability, communication and plasticity is key to understanding how the nervous system controls complex behaviours.

In this research theme, investigators exploit advanced imaging, electrophysiological, molecular genetic and quantitative behavioural approaches to understand the cellular and circuit mechanisms underpinning nervous system functions such as sensory perception, memory formation and the control of complex, adaptable behaviours in the healthy and diseased brain.

Our aim is to translate fundamental discoveries, through development of animal- and human-based models, to generate transformative therapeutic interventions for disorders that affect nervous system function.

Theme Lead: Prof Ian Duguid

Name Research interest
Baranovic, Jelena Structure and function of neuroreceptors, synaptic transmission, ion channels, electrophysiology
Clemens, Ann Neural circuits of social behaviour
Cobb, Stuart  Novel therapies for neurodevelopmental disorders
Cousin, Michael Presynaptic Cell Biology
Daw, Michael Developmental Physiology of the Barrel Cortex
Duguid, Ian Neural circuits and motor behaviour
Evans, Mark Calcium signalling & hypoxia-response coupling
Fleetwood-Walker, Susan Molecular mechanisms of pain and analgesia
Gillingwater, Tom New therapies for neurodegenerative diseases
Gonzalez-Sulser, Alfredo Network analysis and therapeutic strategies in epilepsy
Greiss, Sebastian Genetic code expansion and neural circuits  
Jones, Ross Structure and function of the human neuromuscular junction
Kind, Peter Disorders of Brain Development  
Luksys, Gedi Computational cognitive neuroscience
Mitchell, Rory Receptor-mediated signal transduction
Morris, Richard Neurobiology of learning and memory
Nolan, Matthew Neural circuits and computation
Osterweil, Emily mRNA translation and synaptic connections

Opazo, Patricio 

Synaptic repair mechanisms for the diseased brain
Ribchester, Richard Neuromuscular connections
Rochefort, Nathalie Neuronal processing of visual information  
Smillie, Karen Synaptic vesicle recycling
Stefan, Melanie Understanding of learning and memory
Sürmeli, Gülşen  Neural circuits of memory
Torsney, Carole Somatosensory plasticity
Wood, Emma Memory and Space
Wyllie, David Physiology and pharmacology of ion channels