Signalling, homeostasis and energy balance

The research theme is investigating the function and regulation of organs and tissue.

Members of this grouping are concerned with the regulation of function of organs and tissue, including regulation of the brain, pituitary, heart and kidney by neural, endocrine, paracrine and autocrine signalling mechanisms.

Theme Lead: Prof Mike Ludwig

Name Research interest
Brunton, Paula Stress Physiology
Denholm, Barry Organ development and physiology
Duncan, Peter Corticotroph cells and the stress response
Evans, Mark Calcium signalling & hypoxia-response coupling
Fleetwood-Walker, Susan Molecular mechanisms of pain and analgesia
Hardingham, Giles Protective & degenerative signalling in the CNS
Karnani, Mahesh Neural circuits of drive.
Le Tissier, Paul Regulation of the anterior pituitary gland
Livingstone, Dawn Steroid hormone signalling
Ludwig, Mike Neuropeptides and their effects on behaviour
Menzies, John Appetite control and food choice
Mitchell, Rory Receptor-mediated signal transduction
Murray, Joanne Growth and development of the ovarian follicle
Romano, Nicola Single cell information processing in the pituitary
Shipston, Mike Ion channel physiology