Genes and development

The research theme is investigating developmental mechanisms at molecular, genetic and cellular level.

Genes and Development is a research grouping of biomedical scientists investigating the molecular, genetic and cellular developmental mechanisms in a wide range of tissues and systems, including kidneys and nephrocytes, neural development, and male and female reproductive systems.

Genes and Development have now been meeting for around twenty years, holding research seminars, meetings of PIs and retreats.

Theme Lead: Prof Norah Spears

Name Research interest
Cobb, Stuart  Novel therapies for neurodevelopmental disorders
Davies, Jamie Organogenesis, synthetic biology, databases  
Daw, Michael Developmental Physiology of the Barrel Cortex
Denholm, Barry Organ development and physiology
Doitsidou, Maria Degeneration of dopaminergic neurons  
Gillingwater, Tom New therapies for neurodegenerative diseases
Hardingham, Giles Protective & degenerative signalling in the CNS
Hasel, Philip Astrocyte subtypes at brain borders
Jarman, Andrew Developmental control of sensory neurogenesis and ciliogenesis
Le Tissier, Paul Regulation of the anterior pituitary gland
Lyons, David Mechanisms of myelinated axon formation, function and repair
Maciver, Sutherland The protein Actin and the biology of amoebae  
Mason, John Embryonic development of the forebrain
Meijer, Dies Molecular genetics of myelination and synapse formation
Murray, Joanne Growth and development of the ovarian follicle  
O'Hara, Laura Sex steroid receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary
Pratt, Tom Roles of carbohydrates in the developing brain
Price, David How brains are made
Romano, Nicola Single cell information processing in the pituitary
Rosario, Roseanne Ovarian biology and female fertility
Sibley, Chris Regulation of RNA metabolism in neurological disease
Simmen, Martin Computational modelling of nucleosome positions  
Spears, Norah Female reproductive development
Telfer, Evelyn Follicle and oocyte development  
Theil, Thomas Patterning and axon pathfinding in the forebrain
van den Driesche, Sander Male reproductive health and disorders
Zoupi, Lida Axon-myelin interactions in health and neurodevelopmental disorders