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Rufus Mitchell-Heggs (research assistant and PhD student - Morris lab) has successfully landed in Antigua after rowing the Atlantic!

'Neocortex saves energy by reducing coding precision during food scarcity'

Gobbo and Mitchell-Heggs in collaboration with Prof Simon Schultz at ICL, have recently had a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science

Well done to Robin Beaven, Luigi Zechini and Sybille Koehler (Denholm lab) on their latest publications.

Well done to all from the lab of @RochefortLab with @KatsanevakiD and Nathalie Dupuy, for this article which is now published in Neuron, looking at how the metabolically-expensive, mammalian brain adapts to food scarcity.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), Scotland’s National Academy; has announced its 2022 intake of Fellows.

The article tells Rachel's story of returning to Academia on a part-time fellowship after leaving it when her children were young.

2021 Mary Pickford Lecture and Alison Douglas Prize (best PhD thesis)

G2PD Team announce "Picture that Research" - our first Postdoc Image Competition.

The work uncovers how the non-canonical SNARE protein VAMP4 controls the probability of neurotransmitter release by coupling synaptic vesicle recycling to a major metabolic and signaling hub in neurons, the endolysosomal system.