2016 news

Archived news from the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences 2016

Nov 2016: CIP took part in an annual Native Scientist public engagement event with the Edinburgh German School giving young children an insight into the world of science.

Oct 2016: A very warm welcome to our new Academic Zhejiang Track Lecturers who recently joined the CIP.

Sept 16: Congratulation to Rachael Powis and Lukas Solanka for receiving the prize for the best PhD dissertation.

Sept 2016: Congratulations to the Rochefort lab for their findings on neuronal activities in the primary visual cortex.

Sept 2016: Great success for our third annual Deanery Symposium

Aug 2016: Congratulations to Dr Lyndsay Murray and her team on receiving this award for their work on Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA).

Aug 2016: Chemotherapy treatment during pregnancy may affect the future fertility of unborn baby girls, a study by Prof Norah Spears suggests

Aug 2016: Congratulation to Dr Thomas Theil and his team on this award to study stem cells in the developing brain.

July 2016: A great success for the Science Insights College wide work experience programme.

July 2016: Congratulations to the Denholm lab for award to explore the physiological mechanisms underpinning one of most powerful water-conserving systems known to nature.

July 2016: Congratulations to Dr Agnes Stefansdottir who has been awarded the SRF Postdoctoral Prize for her presentation on Cancer treatment during pregnancy.

June 2016: 2nd year PhD-students from the CNR and the CIP brilliantly presented their work in a 3 min thesis competition format.

May 16: Research grant awardees Professor David Wyllie and Dr Alfredo Gonzalez-Sulser recently attended a Reception at 11 Downing Street to mark ERUK’s 25thAnniversary.

May 2016: Congratulations on this award to research neuron interaction and their roles in encoding location and influencing behaviour.

May 16: Congratulations to Dr Stephanie Barnes on this award to investigate novel treatment strategies for Fragile X Syndrome.

April 16: Congratulations to Katie Marwick who received a prize on Edinburgh Neuroscience Day for her presentation on her PhD findings in just 3 minutes.

April 16: Congratulations to Dr Jennifer Paxton and her team on this award to develop an in vitro model of the flexor-tendon-to-bone enthesis.

April 16: The EUSA Teaching Award recognises excellent teaching and student support at the University of Edinburgh.

April 16: Congratulations to Alfredo for obtaining this award to investigate whether stimulating medial septal projections can block seizures in temporal lobe epilepsy.

March 16: Congratulations to Dr Aida Costa on being awarded the prestigious EU Marie Sklodovska-Curie Fellowship.

March 16: Congratulations to Prof David Price and his team on this award to investigate how the cerebral cortex develops a correct balance of its two major cell types.

Feb 16: Congratulations to Prof David Price on this award to study forebrain defects caused by Pax6 haploinsufficiency.

Feb 16: Congratulations to Dr Ian Duguid and his team for their major funding success to explore cellular and circuit mechanisms that control movement.

Feb 16: People with a condition that causes them to stop breathing in their sleep could be helped by new research.