2019 news

Archived news from the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences 2019

Frontier Technologies in Zebrafish: single-cell transcriptomics, genome-editing, imaging, and behaviour.

The European Research Council awarded Consolidator Grants to 301 top scientists and scholars across Europe. Funding for these researchers, part of the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, is worth in total €600 million, and is very competitive. With this support, the new grantees will have a chance to build up their teams and have far-reaching impact.

Congratulations to Helen Marshall who has won the Scottish Microscopy Society Logo Competition.

A new anatomy book describing the wonder and beauty of the human body has been published by Big Picture Press as part of the ‘Welcome to the Museum’ series, and in collaboration with the Wellcome Collection.

Congratulations to David Munro - winner of this year's Alison Douglas Prize

By John F. B. Morrison and John A. Russell

Sandy MacMillan wins best poster prize in the Respiratory Section Trainee Poster Presentations at Experimental Biology 2019

Whether you are male or female can make a significant difference to the safety and effectiveness of your medication.

Congratulations to the Denholm lab who have been awarded a Leverhulme Trust Research Grant to explore the physiological mechanisms underpinning one of most powerful water-extraction systems in nature.

Members of the Mason and Price labs met with families affected by the neurodevelopmental disorder FOXG1 Syndrome at a recent event in Birmingham.

Dr Leonardo Cavone (Becker lab) and Dr Sybille Köhler (Denholm lab) win 'Best Talk' prize at this year's SDBG meeting (Scottish Developmental Biology Group)

Edinburgh research group led by Dr Barry McColl is part of an international consortium, Stroke-ImPACT, awarded €6M funding from Fondation Leducq to study the immunological mechanisms that link stroke and dementia.

The discovery of this cell-wide web reveals for the first time how cells deliver function-specific calcium signals to coordinate the wide diversity of cellular processes that are modulated by this divalent cation.

Congratulations to David Munro who has been awarded the British Society for Developmental Biology's Beddington Medal for PhD students

Research using zebrafish has revealed how key brain cells that are damaged in people with Parkinson’s disease can be regenerated.

Congratulations to Professor Tara Spires-Jones from Centre of Discovery Brain Sciences, who has been elected as Term Members for European Dana Alliance for the Brain.

The pioneering dementia ‘buddy scheme’ headed by Dr Chris Henstridge (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and co-ordinated by Lilian Kennedy (Social Anthropology) brings together university researchers and people living with dementia to enable them to learn from each other.

David Price is elected as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh.

Congratulations to the Pratt Lab for article published and featured on cover of the Journal of Neuroscience.

Insights into how zebrafish repair their damaged nerve connections