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Information about the Centre's Principal Investigators and their research groups.

Table of all PIs with links to profile pages.

Name Research interest Research theme
Almeida, Rafael

Synaptic and non-synaptic neurotransmission in the zebrafish nervous system

Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour  
Baranovic, Jelena Structure and function of neuroreceptors, synaptic transmission, ion channels, electrophysiology Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour         
Becker, Catherina Development and regeneration of the zebrafish nervous system Injury and Repair
Becker, Thomas Development and regeneration of the zebrafish nervous system Injury and Repair
Booker, Sam A Neurotransmitter signalling Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour  
Brunton, Paula Stress Physiology

Signalling, Homeostasis and Energy Balance     

Clemens, Ann Neural circuits of social behaviour Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour
Cobb, Stuart  Novel therapies for neurodevelopmental disorders Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour 
Cousin, Michael Presynaptic Cell Biology Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour 
Davies, Jamie Organogenesis, synthetic biology, databases Genes and Development                   
Daw, Michael Developmental Physiology of the Barrel Cortex Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour        
Denholm, Barry Organ development and physiology Genes and Development   

Díaz Castro, Blanca

Molecular and cellular mechanisms that link brain vascular dysfunction and dementia  Ageing and Degeneration 
Doitsidou, Maria Degeneration of dopaminergic neurons Ageing and Degeneration                  
Dudchenko, Paul    
Duguid, Ian Neural circuits and motor behaviour Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour        
Durrant, Claire Synapse loss in neurodegenerative diseases  Ageing and Degeneration           
Evans, Mark Calcium signalling & hypoxia-response coupling

Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour 

Signalling, Homeostasis and Energy Balance         

Fleetwood-Walker, Susan Molecular mechanisms of pain and analgesia Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour 
Fowler, Jill Mechanisms of neurodegeneration in stroke and dementia Ageing and Degeneration
Gan, Jian Cognitive neurophysiology in disease and behaviour  Ageing and Degeneration  
Gillingwater, Tom New therapies for neurodegenerative diseases Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour                  
Gonzalez-Sulser, Alfredo Network analysis and therapeutic strategies in epilepsy Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour  
Greiss, Sebastian Genetic code expansion and neural circuits Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour                  
Hall, Andrew Chondrocytes, cartilage and osteoarthritis  Ageing and Degeneration          
Hardingham, Giles Protective & degenerative signalling in the CNS Ageing and Degeneration       
Hardt, Oliver Cellular mechanisms and brains systems underpinning natural and dysregulated forgetting Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour 
Horsburgh, Karen Influence of vascular dysfunction on cognitive decline: relevant to ageing, vascular and Alzheimer's disease Ageing and Degeneration
Jackson, Mandy Purkinje cell dysfunction and degeneration Ageing and Degeneration               
Jarman, Andrew Developmental control of sensory neurogenesis and ciliogenesis Genes and Development  
Jones, Ross Structure and function of the human neuromuscular junction Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour   
Kind, Peter Disorders of Brain Development Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour                  
Le Tissier, Paul Regulation of the anterior pituitary gland Genes and Development               
Livingstone, Dawn Steroid hormone signalling Signalling, Homeostasis and Energy Balance                       
Ludwig, Mike Neuropeptides and their effects on behaviour Signalling, Homeostasis and Energy Balance                    
Luksys, Gedi Computational cognitive neuroscience Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour  
Lyons, David Mechanisms of myelinated axon formation, function and repair Genes and Development  
Maciver, Sutherland The protein Actin and the biology of amoebae Genes and Development                   
Mason, John Embryonic development of the forebrain Genes and Development        
Meijer, Dies Molecular genetics of myelination and synapse formation Genes and Development  
McColl, Barry Neuroimmune mechanisms influencing brain injury and disease Ageing and DegenerationInjury and Repair       
Menzies, John Appetite control and food choice Signalling, Homeostasis and Energy Balance                          
Mitchell, Rory Receptor-mediated signal transduction Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour               
Miron, Veronique

Microglia influencing white matter in health, disease, and ageing

Injury and Repair
Morris, Richard Neurobiology of learning and memory Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour
Murray, Joanne Growth and development of the ovarian follicle Genes and Development                     
Murray, Lyndsay Degeneration of motor neurons Ageing and Degeneration                 
Nolan, Matthew Neural circuits and computation Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour       
O'Hara, Laura Sex steroid receptors in the hypothalamus and pituitary Genes and Development
Opazo, Patricio Synaptic repair mechanisms for the diseased brain Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour     
Osterweil, Emily mRNA translation and synaptic connections Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour        
Paxton, Jennifer Musculoskeletal tissue engineering Injury and Repair                  
Pennetta, Giusy Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases Ageing and Degeneration                 
Pratt, Tom Roles of carbohydrates in the developing brain Genes and Development                 
Price, David How brains are made Genes and Development              
Qiu, Jing Microglial signaling Ageing and Degeneration 
Rochefort, Nathalie Neuronal processing of visual information Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour                   
Romano, Nicola Single cell information processing in the pituitary Signalling, Homeostasis and Energy Balance                 
Rosario, Roseanne Ovarian biology and female fertility

Genes and Development 

Shipston, Mike Ion channel physiology Signalling, Homeostasis and Energy Balance         
Sibley, Chris Regulation of RNA metabolism in neurological disease Genes and Development 
Sieger, Dirk Microglia-tumour interactions. Injury and Repair
Simmen, Martin Computational modelling of nucleosome positions Genes and Development                  
Skehel, Paul Molecular mechanisms of neurodegeneration Ageing and Degeneration                
Smillie, Karen Synaptic vesicle recycling Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour 
Spears, Norah

The effect of chemotherapy treatment on fertility

Genes and Development                  
Spires-Jones, Tara Degenerative brain diseases and ageing Ageing and Degeneration
Sürmeli, Gülşen

Neural circuits of memory

Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour   
Telfer, Evelyn Follicle and oocyte development Genes and Development                 
Theil, Thomas Patterning and axon pathfinding in the forebrain Genes and Development                
Torsney, Carole Somatosensory plasticity Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour    
van den Driesche, Sander Male reproductive health and disorders Genes and Development             
Wood, Emma Memory and Space Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour 
Wyllie, David Physiology and pharmacology of ion channels Synapses, Circuits and Behaviour               
Zoupi, Lida

Axon-myelin interactions in health and neurodevelopmental disorders

Genes and Development