Society for Reproduction and Fertility (SRF) Postdoctoral Prize for best presentation

July 2016: Congratulations to Dr Agnes Stefansdottir who has been awarded the SRF Postdoctoral Prize for her presentation on Cancer treatment during pregnancy.

Dr Agnes Stefansdottier received prize at SRF

Cancer is diagnosed in approximately one out of every thousand pregnancies, with chemotherapy treatment currently considered safe to administer during the second and third

trimesters of pregnancy.

Agnes investigates the effects of the chemotherapy drug etoposide on the developing mouse ovary and found that it damages the development of oocytes within mouse ovary tissue grown in vitro.

If replicated in human tissue, female foetuses exposed to etoposide in utero could have fertility problems in later life, potentially undergoing premature menopause.

The prize for the best presentation has been awarded at the annual SRF conference in Winchester, as a result of which Agnes is invited to present a paper at the Australian Society for Reproductive Biology (SRB) Annual Scientific Conference in Australia in 2017.

I was very surprised and excited to win the SRF Postdoctoral Prize and I am looking forward to attending the conference in Australia next year.