Success for CNR-CIP PhD Symposium

April 2017: Excellent presentations by our 2nd year PhD students at the joint CNR-CIP Symposium.

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Our 2nd year PhD students presented their exciting work at the joint CNR-CIP Symposium in a 3 minute format, building a platform for discussions and further ideas for the work conducted within our Centres.

Congratulations to Natalie Courtney from the Murray Group within CIP, who received a prize for the best presentation on her work on Spinal Muscular Atrophy with the aim to manipulate the P53 pathway to determine the effects on neuromuscular junction pathology.

Her work will give further insights to understand where in the motor neuron therapies need to target and when exactly they are required.

I am incredibly honoured to have been presented with the prize at this years PhD symposium. It was a great opportunity to be able speak in a very supportive and collaborative environment and to see the wide variety of excellent work being done within the CIP.