Dr Nathalie Rochefort awarded the EMBO Young Investigator

The EMBO Young Investigator Programme offers recent group leaders with a track record of scientific excellence access to funding, training and networking opportunities.   

Dr Nathalie Rochefort of the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences has been selected as one of 26 life science researchers within their first four years as group leaders to become EMBO Young Investigators.

The accepted candidates have all shown outstanding promise in their early careers and impressed our selection committee with both the quality of their current work and their proposals for future research.  We look forward to supporting them in establishing their own research groups.

The EMBO Young Investigator Programme identifies recent group leaders with a proven record of scientific excellence and offers them access to a range of benefits during their four-year tenure. These include a financial award, with the potential for additional funding, mentorship by a senior scientist from the community of EMBO Members, access to training in leadership skills and responsible research practices, as well as networking opportunities.

Additional benefits provided by the Programme include the use of core facilities at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Heidelberg, Germany, and travel grants for the Young Investigators and their research groups to attend conferences.

The 2018 group of Young Investigators comprises scientists based in 11 countries, including two European Molecular Biology Conference (EMBC) Associate Member States: India and Singapore.

Selected statistics about the EMBO Young Investigators 2018

  • The Programme received 195 eligible applications
  • 13% of applications were successful; a proportion that is consistent with previous years.
  • 42% of the new Young Investigators are women.



I warmly congratulate Nathalie on this outstanding achievement.  The EMBO Young Investigator Award is a well-deserved recognition of Nathalie’s research into how the brain processes visual inputs.

I am sure Nathalie will benefit immensely from the opportunities afforded by this award over the next 4 years.