Dementia 'Buddy Scheme' Featured on BBC News

The pioneering dementia ‘buddy scheme’ headed by Dr Chris Henstridge (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences) and co-ordinated by Lilian Kennedy (Social Anthropology) brings together university researchers and people living with dementia to enable them to learn from each other.

The project has recently been featured on BBC News and is providing valuable insights into dementia. Scientists hope that the project will offer some hope to people living with dementia and help them to understand how much work is going on to try and understand this disease. 

Dr Henstridge says that the scheme is bringing together two groups who do not normally communicate.

One group of people are people who are living with dementia in the community. The other group of people are researchers like myself who spend all their time at the bench trying to understand the disease. We read about it all the time but we don't really get the opportunity to experience and interact with people who live with the disease on a daily 

Dr Chris Henstridge Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences

The pilot project was initially funded by an NHS Lothian Accord Bursary and has since received funding from the Alzheimer's Society. 

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