Memoir of Mary Pickford FRS commissioned by The Royal Society

By John F. B. Morrison and John A. Russell

John F. B. Morrison and John A. Russell have recently completely a Biographical Memoir of Mary Pickford FRS.  This documents Mary Pickford's life and research career.  They have done a terrific job on what must have been a huge task given that Mary Pickford died in 2002 and retired from research in 1972.  It is well worth reading.  The Royal Society has agreed to make the PDF freely available and it can be accessed here:


Please note:

This year's Mary Pickford Lecture will be delivered by Prof Marian Joëls (University of Utrecht and University of Groningen)

on Thurs 26th Sept @ 12:30 pm in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre. 

We have an earlier start than normal as preceding the lecture we will announce the winner of this year's Alison Douglas Prize for the Best PhD Dissertation submitted by a student in CDBS.

Please mark your diaries for this important event.