Congratulations to Valerio Francioni - winner of Alison Douglas prize 2020 (best PhD thesis)

Huge congratulations!

Valerio Francioni (former Rochefort lab) has been awarded this year's Alison Dopuglas prize (best PhD thesis) at the Mary Pickford lecture on 29th October with Prof Gina Turrigiano,  Department of Biology, Brandeis University, USA.

This was a very difficult choice for this year’s panel of judges but in the end they felt Valerio's thesis entitled 'Somato-dendritic couplingin layer 5 pyramidal neurons of the mouse primary visual cortex'  was the deserved winner!

The judges felt that the balance of technical accomplishment, scientific achievement and insightful discussion of the findings gave this thesis an edge over the others.

Valerio is now working as a post doctoral reseacher whitin the Harnett Lab at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) University in Cambridge, Massachusetts US.

Valerio Francioni