Dr Barry McColl awarded Brain Research UK funding

Manipulating microglial/macrophage function via CSF1R to improve functional recovery and neuroplasticity after stroke.

Dr Barry McColl of CDBS has been awarded 3y project grant from Brain Research UK to further develop work manipulating CNS macrophages to boost brain repair and functional recovery after ischaemic stroke.

There are more than one million stroke survivors in the UK, more than half of whom have been left with a life-limiting disability as a result of the brain damage caused by their stroke. The work will study targeting the CSF1R pathway can alter microglial and macrophage trafficking and function to promote favourable conditions for neuroplasticity in the brain and spinal cord and improve long-term skilled motor function.

The project will use advanced neuroimaging (MRI and PET) and behavioural analysis benefiting from expertise of collaborators Dr Gerry Thompson (CCBS UoE) and Dr Lawrence Moon (King’s College London).

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