EUSA 2020 student teaching awards - Kendell Teaching award winners

Congratulations to Dawn Livingstone (Winner) and Jamie Davies (Runner Up)

The Students' Association's Teaching Awards recognises the teachers, personal tutors, students who tutor, research supervisors, and support staff who make positive impact on students' learning experiences at the University of Edinburgh. 

The Kendell Award for Teaching in Medicine recognises the outstanding teachers in the Edinburgh Medical School, across all three Deaneries. These teachers are recognised as having had a huge positive impact on their students.

Winner: Dawn Livingstone

with special commendation for her leadership and teaching in Junior and Senior Honours Pharmacology


Dawn is the course organiser and lecturer for Pharmacology 3 and Applied Pharmacology 3. These courses have been my favourites since starting at the University thanks to her. She has put in so much effort in organising the course, not only by getting fantastic lecturers (and being a great one herself), but also in terms of support she has shown to us... She is great at creating a friendly and welcoming experience, and her own lectures have a fair bit of humour involved which makes learning easy.

Runner Up: Jamie Davies 

Professor Davies has an incredible ability to break down complex information into something that actually makes sense... Rewatching his lectures, I’m so glad I was able to learn with him even if it was only for a week. Professor Davies also maintains an incredibly helpful website with lectures, notes, handouts, a podcast AND practise questions.