McColl Lab in Fondation Leducq consortium

McColl Lab one of 11 members forming a transatlantic network funded by 5y $6M grant to investigate the role of neuroimmune mechanisms influencing cognitive trajectory after stroke.

Stroke-IMPACT: Stroke - Immune mediated pathways and cognitive trajectory

Stroke doubles the risk of later cognitive decline and dementia even taking into account known vascular risk factors and there are no treatments.

Parallel preclinical and clinical studies will track immune changes and cognitive profiles long-term after stroke to identify important correlates and predictors of cognitive outcome. Interventional studies will manipulate key nodes within the neuroimmune axis to identify key mechanisms and therapeutic targets.  The McColl lab will focus on how perturbations to key regulators of CNS myeloid cell function caused by stroke and/or related immune complications (e.g. infection) influence cellular interactions within the damaged brain and their impact on cognitive function long-term.

Postdoc recruitment on each of the projects to begin shortly and possibility for studentship within the Leducq project.

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