Prof Richard Ribchester retires after 40 years service

Professor Richard Ribchester retired from the University of Edinburgh on 30th September 2020 after 40 years of outstanding service at the University of Edinburgh.

"Richard has been a highly collegial and inspirational colleague who has made a major impact on all aspects of academic life at the University of Edinburgh. 

Prof Richard Ribchester

His research on the physiology and development of the neuromuscular junction has broken new ground and he was instrumental in establishing the first philanthropically funded research centres in CMVM: the Euan MacDonald Centre for Motor Neurone Disease. He has been a passionate advocate of research-led and practical education and established the highly successful MSc by Research in Neuroscience programme as well as contributing to the development, reinvigoration and delivery of a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. He has also played major roles in research dissemination and promotion of Physiology and Neuroscience, including enthusing the next generation through a variety of outreach and public engagement activities.  He has constantly supported, mentored and championed colleagues at all stages of their career and contributed enormously to the wider academic activities of the University.

Richard has been an exceptionally collegiate and supportive member of Biomedical Sciences and the wider University. He is a true scholar and passionate academic and from a personal perspective a source of wise counsel, support and advice."  Prof Mike Shipston - Dean of Biomedical Sciences





To mark Richard's retirement EMC and CDBS held a joint Symposium on Tuesday 24th November.  

This was a truly memorable event for Richard with over 100 friends joining from around the country and globe!  Speakers included:  Siddharthan Chandran (MacDonald Professor of Neurology, University of Edinburgh),  Michael Coleman (van Geest Professor of Neuroscience, University of Cambridge),  Judy Newton (MND National Lead for Scotland/Consultant Nurse), Simon Parson (Regius Chair of Anatomy, University of Aberdeen),  Tom Gillingwater (Professor of Anatomy, University of Edinburgh), Tom Wishart (Reader in Molecular Anatomy, University of Edinburgh),  Felipe Court (Full Professor; Director, Center for Integrative Biology, Universidad Mayor, Chile), David Wyllie (Head CDBS),  Mike Shipston (Dean of Biomedical Sciences), Donald and Euan MacDonald.