Gaia Brezzo

My research focuses on understanding neuro-glial-vascular and extracellular matrix breakdown and how neuroimmune changes can lead to long-term cognitive dysfunction in cerebrovascular disease.

Dr Gaia Brezzo

Research Fellow - McColl Lab

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49 Little France Crescent

Edinburgh, EH16 4SB

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 Work: +44 (0) 131 242 6293


 Web: McColl Research Group

Double label immunofluorecence image of d-MBP (red), indentifying myelin debris and IBA-1 (green), a microglia/macrophage marker in the optic tract. This data suggest impaired phagocytosis of myelin debris by microglia/macrophages.

Personal profile

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate - University of Edinburgh, UK & University of Glasgow, UK (Jan 2018- April 2021)

  • Research Assistant - University of Sheffield, UK (Oct 2017-Dec 2017)

  • PhD Teaching Fellow - University of Sheffield, UK (Oct 2013-Sept 2017)

Double label immunofluorecence image of endothelial cells (CD31, red) and UBXN1 (green) to determine if endothelial cells, in a mouse model of small vessel disease, undergo endoplasmic reticulum (ER) stress


Stroke doubles the risk of later cognitive decline and dementia, and up to a third of stroke patients will develop post-stroke cognitive decline within five years. This highlights post-stroke cognitive decline as a key and unaddressed component of vascular dementia.

Despite research showcasing the importance of innate and adaptive immunity in stroke, research on inflammation as a cause of post-stroke cognitive decline is limited. We propose that immune alterations in the acute phase after stroke shape chronic maladaptive neuroimmune responses that compromise long-term structural and functional brain integrity, and contribute to post-stroke cognitive decline.

This work is part of the wider Stroke-IMPaCT network ( and funded by the Foundation Leducq Transatlantic Network of Excellence (

Relevant Publications 

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Brezzo, G., Simpson, J., Ameen-Ali, K.E, Berwick, J & Martin, C. (2020). Acute effects of systemic inflammation upon neuro-glial-vascular unit and cerebrovascular function. Journal of Brain, Behaviour, & Immunity – Health, 5:100074. doi:10.1016/j.bbih.2020.100074

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