2019 Seminars & Events

List of the 2019 Seminars & Events at the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences.

Dynamic control of presynaptic function in health and disease

Mini Symposium - Inflammation In Neurological Conditions

Synapses, Circuits & Behaviour Special Seminar – A normative perspective on the diversity of dopamine neurons

SIDB Seminar - Hippocampal CA2 control of social behaviors

Dr Félix Leroy, Columbia University, New York City, NY, United States 

Monday 9th December 2019, 1pm, Hugh Robson Building Lecture Theatre

Host: Prof Matt Nolan

The hunt for the mechanotransduction ion channel and noise-induced hearing loss in a tympanal insect ear

Leukodystrophies: much more than diseases of myelin

Dr Marianna Bugiani, Amsterdam Neuroscience, VU University Medical Centre Amsterdam

Monday 25th November 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Prof Anna Williams

Mini Symposium by Genes and Development Group - ‘The Diversity of Cilia in Development and Disease’

Ronald Roepman, Radboud University Nijmegen - ' Ciliary tip dysfunction in retinal ciliopathies'

Wednesday 13th November 2019, 2pm, Hugh Robson Building, Lecture Theatre 

Host: Dr Thomas Theil

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Understanding pain from large scale optical recording of nociceptive activity in vivo

Prof Stephen B McMahon, Professor of Physiology at King’s College London

Monday 11th November 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Prof Peter Brophy

Finding new analgesic targets – the long way round

Synapses, Circuits & Behaviour Special Seminar - Neural mechanisms of movement precision

The role of the Hira complex, a histone variant H3.3 chaperone, during oocyte-to-embryo transition

SIDB Seminar - Altered somatosensory processing in autism spectrum disorders: mechanisms and emerging therapeutic approaches

Mary Pickford Lecture + Alison Douglas Prize with Marian Joels 'Sex differences in the effects of early life stress'

Using evolution, CRISPRs and the UK Biobank to explore the contribution of gene regulation in alcohol abuse, fat intake and anxiety

Dr Alasdair MacKenzie, Institute of Medical Sciences, University of Aberdeen

Friday 23rd August 2019, 12pm, Seminar Room 2, Chancellor's Building

Host: Dr Thomas Becker

Calcium-permeable AMPARs and synaptic plasticity in the hippocampus.

The Edinburgh Musculoskeletal Group Seminar - New pathways controlling cortical bone structure and composition

Professor Natalie Sims, St. Vincent's Institute, Melbourne

Wednesday 14th August 2019, 4pm, Teaching Room 12, Doorway 3, Teviot

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SIDB Seminar - Abnormal mGluR-mediated synaptic plasticity and autism-like behaviours in Gprasp2 mutant mice

João Peça, University of Coimbra | UC · Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology

Friday 2nd August 2019, 1pm, Hugh Robson Building Lecture Theatre

Host: Emily Osterweil

The Quest for Neuroprotection in Parkinson’s disease: reversing synaptic dysfunction

Synapse formation in the central nervous system: learning lessons from the neuromuscular junction

Special Seminar: Remyelination leads to novel myelination patterns in the cerebral cortex

Cody Call, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Monday 15th July 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Prof David Lyons

How much of parkinsonism is really cortical in origin

SDBG meeting 2019 by Scottish Developmental Biology Group

Prof Anne Ferguson-Smith, Dept of Genetics, Cambridge University

Friday 5th July, 2019, 10.00 - 18.30, Anatomy  Lecture Theatre

Host: Dr John Mason

Zebrafish ALS models of TDP-43 and FUS

Arc/Arg3.1 as a major coordinator of cognition

Genes & Development Symposium

Speakers include: Dr Denis Jabaudon, University of Geneva

Wednesday 29th May 2019, 1.00 - 5.00pm, Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host: Dr John Mason 

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Dr Claudia Kathe - Mechanisms of motor recovery with neurorehabilitation after severe spinal cord injury Dr Jordan Squair - Closed loop electr

Grégoire Courtine Group EPFL (Swiss Federal Institute of Techology, Lausanne), Switzerland

Monday 27th May,  1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host:  Prof Catherina Becker

Pathways in the rodent and human amygdala underlying passive freezing and active avoidance and their modulation by oxytocin

Prof Ron Stoop, Center for Psychiatric Neuroscience (CNP) in Prilly, Lausanne, Switzerland

Thursday 23rd May 2019, 1pm, Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host: Prof Mike Ludwig

How Nature and Nurture Shape Development of the Visual System and Visually-Guided Behaviour

Dr Martin Meyer, Reader of Neuroscience, Kings Collage London

Monday 20th May 2019,  1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host:  Prof Catherina Becker

Hebbian and homeostatic components of experience-dependent plasticity

Prof Kevin Fox, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Thursday 16th  May 2019,  1pm, Meadows lecture Theatre

Host:  Prof Richard Ribchester

New insights into Huntington’s from IPSC disease models

Prof Nick Allen, School of Biosciences, Cardiff University

Thursday  2nd May 2019,  1pm, Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host: Dr Karen Smillie

Careers in Scientific Publishing and How to Publish your work in Cell Reports

Stephen Matheson, Editor-in-Chief of Cell Reports

Wednesday 1st May 2019, 2pm, Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host: Prof Tara Spires-Jones 

CDBS - Postdoctoral Research Fellows: Dr Sam Booker - 'Axon initial segment structure and function in the mouse model of fragile X syndrome' & Dr Yvonne Clarkson - 'Unravelling the human ovary'

Dr Sam Booker & Dr Yvonne Clarkson

Thursday 11th April 2019,  1pm, Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host: Dr Karen Smillie

Insights on the tectum's functional connectivity in the zebrafish larva.

Dr German Sumbre, National Centre for Research, Paris

Monday 8th April 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Dr Leah Herrgen

University of Edinburgh - Digital Research Services Overview

David Fergusson, Head of Research Services & Kerry Miller, Research Data Management Support Officer, University of Edinburgh

Friday 5th April 2019, 1pm, Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host: Prof David Wyllie

Mechanisms of Axon-Oligodendrocyte Communication In Vivo

Dr. Tim Czopka, Technical University Munich

Friday 5th April 2019, 11am, Shirley Hall (Lecture Theatre A), Chancellor’s building.

Host: Prof David Lyons

Mapping the dynamic structure of reflexive behaviour

Diverse dendritic signaling in retinal amacrine cells

Dr Jeff Diamond, National Institute of Health, Bethesda, USA

Monday 1st April 2019, 4pm, Gaddum Lecture Theatre, 1 George Square

Host: Prof David Wyllie

AMPA receptor dysfunction in cognitive disorders

Neural mechanisms of volitional movement

Dr Nuo Li, Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, USA

Tuesday 26th March 2019, 1pm, Gaddum Lecture Theatre, 1 George Square

Host:  Ian Duguid

Circuits controlling initiation and maintenance of hunting behaviour in larval zebrafish

Dr Isaac Bianco, Sir Henry Dale Fellow, University College London

Monday 25th March 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Prof David Lyons

Neural dynamics of a memory trace in the hippocampus circuit, and beyond

Dr David Dupret, University of Oxford

Thursday 21st March 2019, 1pm, Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host: Dr Emma Wood Prof Matt Nolan

Synapses, Circuits & Behaviour - 'The statistical structure of hippocampal representations'

Dr Albert Lee, HHMI, Janelia Research Campus, USA

Tuesday 12th March 2019, 4pm, Gaddum Lecture Theatre

Host: Ian Duguid

SIDB Seminar - mTOR in brain development and disease

Prof Mustafa Sahin, Center for Life Sciences, Harvard

Monday 11th March 2019, 12pm, Teviot Lecture Theatre

Host: Prof Peter Kind

On the nature of epileptic discharges: studies of mice and men

Professor Andrew Trevelyan, Institute of Neuroscience, Newcastle University

Thursday 7th March 2019, 1pm, Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host:  Dr Alfredo Gonzalez-Sulser

Spontaneous neurotransmitter release: joining the dots and making connections

Complex nuclear and axonal mRNA regulation by splicing factors in developing and diseased neurons

Professor Corinne Houart, MRC Centre - Developmental Neurobiology, Kings College London

Monday 25th February 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Prof Catherina Becker

Mechanisms involved in dopaminergic circuitry formation and maintenance

 Dr Lia Panman, MRC Toxicology Unit, Leicester 

Thursday 21st February 2019, 1pm,  Hugh Robson Lecture Theatre

Host: Dr Paul De Sousa

Widespread alteration of the RNA metabolism in motor neuron diseases: challenges and therapeutic opportunities

Dr Guillaume Hautbergue, Department of Neuroscience, University of Sheffield

Monday 18th February 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Prof Siddharthan Chandran

Mechanisms of Axonal Actin Dynamics in Motoneuron Disorders

 Professor Michael Sendtner,  Institute for Clinical Neurobiology, University of Würzburg

Monday 11th February 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Prof Siddharthan Chandran

DRI (Dementia Research Institute) Seminar - Synaptic dynamics and circuit mechanism underlying sharp wave-ripple oscillations in awake mice in vivo

Imaging structural brain plasticity

Professor Heidi Johansen-Berg, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, University of Oxford

Monday 28th January 2019, 1pm, Lecture Theatre B, Chancellor's Building

Host: Prof David Lyons

Detecting Death and damage; Understanding macrophage migration in vivo