2021 Seminars & Events

List of the 2021 Seminars & Events at the Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences.

'Microglia in neurovascular interactions and sexually dimorphic behaviour'

Dr Eyo Ukpong, University of Virginia, USA

Monday 13th December 2021, 14:00

Host: Dr Blanca Diaz + Lida Zoupi

'Firing Rate Homeostasis in Neural Circuits: From Basic Principles to Malfunctions'

'GL Brown Lecture - 2021 'Cystic Fibrosis: From Gene to Precision Medicines'

'Reverse engineering a cortical inhibitory interneuron axon'

'Insights into the function of ciliopathy proteins gained through zebrafish models'

'Optical Dissection of Brain Capillary Function'

'Regulation of spinal cord excitability in translational models of acute and chronic pain'

'Identification and manipulation of individual memories following age-related cognitive decline or Alzheimer’s disease'

'Drugs for healthier ageing' MARY PICKFORD LECTURE AND ALISON DOUGLAS PRIZE (best PhD thesis)

'Hippocampal neurogenesis and forgetting'

'Experience-Dependent Myelination: Neuropeptides as Axonal Signals for Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Myelination'

'Neural episode generators driving hormone secretion'

'Targeting critical regulators of neuroinflammation in hypoxic brain injury in neonates'

'A Network-based Approach for Understanding and Treating Cognitive Aging'

'Biomolecular condensates of Tau proteins and their potential physiological and pathological roles'

Dr Suze Wegmann, DZNE, Berlin, Germany

Thursday 13th May, 2021, 1pm

Host:  Prof Tara Sprires-Jones

'Experience-Dependent Myelination: Neuropeptides as Axonal Signals for Oligodendrocyte Differentiation and Myelination'

'Decoding motor neuron resilience, vulnerability and regeneration in motor neuron diseases to develop therapeutic strategies'

'Regulating the ups and downs, and ins and outs of synaptic receptors in health and disease'

'Genomic profiling for prediction of Alzheimer’s disease risk'

'How the immune system affects synaptic function'

'Effects of stroke beyond the brain'

'The role of the ventral pallidum and globus pallidus in motivation and outcome evaluation'

‘Spatial representation in the hippocampal-entorhinal network’

'The intrinsic mechanisms promote axon regrowth and locomotor circuit re-establishment after spinal cord injury in adult zebrafish'